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"Get to know Eve Harlow beyond the surface

10 fascinating facts revealed!"

10 fascinating facts revealed!"

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Eve Harlow was born in Moscow, Russia, and spent her early childhood in the city before her family moved to Vancouver, Canada. She grew up in a multicultural household, with a Russian mother and a Scottish father. 

Early Life and Education

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Eve Harlow's ability to speak multiple languages, including French, Spanish, and German.

Early Life and Multilingualism


Eve Harlow's background in music, including her experience as a singer-songwriter and her album releases.

Music Career


Eve Harlow's acting career, including her early roles, breakthrough performances, and notable projects.

Acting Career

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Eve Harlow's appearances on popular television shows, such as "The 100," "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," and "Fargo."

Television Appearance

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Eve Harlow's film roles, including her performances in "Juno," "The Tall Man," and "The Guard."

Film Appearance


Eve Harlow's award nominations, including a Leo Award for Best Supporting Performance in a Dramatic Series for her role in "The Guard."

Award Nomination


Eve Harlow's dedication to social and humanitarian causes, including her work with the Covenant House.

Humanitarian Work