Mark Zukerberg

Mark Zukerberg Wants Resign??

A Facebook employee was asked to resign by Mark Zuckerberg due to a leak of internal information

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Accusations that Mark Zuckerberg is a dictatorial manager

Dictatorial management style

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg sent an email in more than a decade ago asking a worker to resign after the leak of confidential information.

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The 2010 email from Zuckerberg to Facebook staff

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Sent by Mark Zukerberg a decade ago, vent viral

Email Subject : Please Resign

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"Confidential - Do not share,” read the message, which has been viewed by more than 3 million people since it was posted on Internal Tech Email's Twitter account on Sunday.

Immediately following the leak, the 25-year-old tech wunderkind issued a threat.

“If you don’t resign, we will almost certainly find out who you are anyway.”

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