Unveiling Robert Lewandowski's Playbook for Success at FC Barcelona!

"Robert Lewandowski has a pretty simple playbook, one that he uses whenever he’s not scoring goals. At Bayern Munich he would blame his teammates for not creating enough chances — it seems that habit has followed him to FC Barcelona as well."

In an exclusive interview with Marca, Robert Lewandowski spills the beans on his fitness and Barcelona's scoring struggles!  

Lewandowski's Fitness Revelation 

"I think I can still play football for three or four years because physically I feel very good."

The Blame Game 

Lewandowski reveals the secret behind Barcelona's scoring woes: "If we don’t create a lot of chances, it’s difficult to score goals. 

The striker opens up about his own challenges, with only eight goals this season and a Champions League dry spell 

Struggling Season 

Youthful Praise 

Surprisingly, Lewandowski refuses to blame the young guns and praises their incredible talent! 

I feel very good. Everything has gone well, not only inside the club but also outside. I feel like I’m at the right place and the right time 

Optimism Amidst Struggles 

Barcelona Balancing Act 

The 35-year-old shares insights on finding the balance between protecting and playing the younger squad members 

What's Next for Lewandowski and Barcelona?

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